As time goes on and technology advances, marketing must also evolve to keep up with an evolving audience. As companies try to create innovative and unique ways to capture customer’s attention, certain methods become popular and trend among the marketing business. Below are some of the biggest recent digital marketing trends, which may lead to some inspiration for bigger and bolder ideas in the future.

Relate to Your Customers

Probably the largest development is a general one- the attempt of more companies to appeal to their customers on a relatable and human level. The public is smart enough to know the ins and outs of most advertising, so speaking to them in a realistic and simple way can make marketing all the more successful. There are many ways to do this, in many different areas of your company.

Have a Mobile Platform

One specific trend many businesses have embraced is the idea of things made specifically for the mobile platform. Instead of just adapting a website to a mobile friendly version, companies are creating more apps and programs designed only for use on a smartphone. This allows easier access for consumers, and the ability to essentially take a business with you in your pocket.

Don’t Sell on Social Media

A trend that has begun to decline rather than develop is the use of social media to sell to the public. This is likely because it doesn’t relate to the public on a human level- if you use the platform to push sales of a product, this doesn’t appeal to those who are only there to be social. Instead, companies might use their social media profiles to publish related content that their followers might enjoy, and to create a positive image overall.

Don’t Just Sell & Push Products

These methods of marketing are able to speak to your target audience on a more personal level than traditional ways have in the past. Rather than simply selling and pushing products to your consumers, interacting with them and appealing to both their intellect and their needs can be extremely successful. This approach to marketing is a fairly recent development, and will hopefully continue to grow and change in the near future.