Focus Your Attention

Concentrate your efforts to less websites. This shows in terms of the quality of your site and also in the power of your SEO efforts. The effort and care you take in the website shows in many ways. The imagery and photography needs to be first rate. A few extra dollars spent on high quality stock photos could be the best investment you can make. Leave a lasting impression.


Everybody Loves A Gift

Make sure there is something of a viral nature offered in your site. You can have a contest, give away, drawing, or maybe a very useful and informative resource that will be sought out be your followers and their friends.


Fresh Content

Start a blog and contribute to the online conversation. If you have neither the time nor the skill to write content, hire the job out to the growing army of content creators.


Make It Easy To Buy

Optimize your website for conversions so that when and if your followers find their way to your blog or website, they find it easy to engage, purchase, get your ebook, or interact in any way possible.


7 Ways To Build A Strong Online Presence