3 Free Tools for Creating Your Own Infographics 

The going opinions on attention span and internet surfing, repeat the refrain, “people have NO attention span these days”. This is fueling interest in web video and also the up swing in the interest and effectiveness of infographics. It is similar to the trend in Twitter headlines. If you are paying attention and tracking statistics on click through rates of tweets, you will see that the largest majority of followers click on headlines with lists of tips, techniques, methods, todos, etc. In other words, people want information fast and easily digestible. In fact, most times a follower is OK clicking a link to get a single NEW and USEFUL idea. The list of 10 items, may only have a single useful concept and the Twitter follower will consider the visit worthwhile.

So it is important to create infographics that can quickly convey a concpet with clarity and value for your followers.

Try one of these free online services.

1. Infogr.am http://infogr.am/

2. Piktochart  http://piktochart.com/

3. Easel.ly http://www.easel.ly/

The use of infographics will certainly raise your communication by creating more compelling posts and presentations. The look will be more professional and more useful in terms of immediately accessible concepts.