Be Human

Remember this is a social media, be a person passionate about their job who doesn’t advertise their business. Interact with your “friends” and comment/answer their posts. Write real statements of value and worth that will help your “friends” and your community of like-minded followers.

Be a part, not “apart”

No one likes the guy who douses another’s flame so his own can shine brightest. There will be many “friends” and “follows” in social media with similar business models to yours. Try to find a way to support them as you bring your own worth to the table. Praise them and add your own ideas or knowledge to the mix.


Add Value

Ask yourself with each comment or post, “How am I adding value to this conversation?” Sharing your knowledge, pieces of your expertise, articles of current interest, are valuable contributions to your social media groups. This will be viewed as a human with like interests, participating in a growing community. Using this guiding question in your writing, your posts, tweets and shares, will never steer you wrong and will quickly tell other participants that yours is a friendship worth having, and sharing.