Do you feel like the time you spend boosting your presence in social media actually reduces the valuable resources and time that you could be spending on the business itself? Here are three tips to streamline the effectiveness of your Social Media Development so that you can grow your business effectively in just moments per day.


Tip #1 Decide if Your Organization Even NEEDS Social Media!

Don’t just do it because it’s trendy and because everyone keeps telling you that you need to do it. Marketing trends will come and go, and some will be really effective for some businesses. You have to know how you make your money and which channels seem to make the most of it before you decide if Social Media is right for you.


Tip #2 Match the Best Medium with Your Message

You have to know who you are and what you are trying to accomplish with your product/service because that will not change. Check out all the aspects of every medium.

Blogs are a great way to increase search engine visibility, interact with your market community, get new leads and conversions and build your brand.

YouTube & Pinterest are excellent for products which are highly visible – seeing is believing potential.

LinkedIn is excellent for networking with others in your market. It is also international, if that fits in well with your model.

Twitter is best for immediate response. It functions well for time sensitive materials, branding and following brands, direct consumer contact and free giveaways (freebies).

Facebook is all about conversations. It is used primarily for connection, self-expression and fun but don’t think that just because your organization was “liked” on Facebook that your new friends want to be marketed to – the drop in FB stock following it’s public sale is proof of that. But to get the buzz going organically about your product or service, FB can be useful.

Tip #3 Track Growth and Measure Success

You want to learn if what you are doing is working (to avoid any waste of your valuable time). So use of Google Insights can help with that and you can monitor keyword searches to see what keywords your potential clients are using to search with as well as follow seasonal trends for certain keywords. This allows you to tailor your ads and messages to match the seasonal keywords used to look for your product type at different times of the year. So know what your client desires, when they desire it and learn what you did that worked for you so you can apply it again.

social media marketing 4 tips