Online social networking tools are exploding in popularity. Twitter, the service that enables its users to send and read text-based messages of up to 140 characters, has over 500 million users and generates hundreds of millions of messages, known as “tweets”, each day. Businesses want to use Twitter to reach this large audience. Twitter can be used to promote your brand, generate leads, and engage with your clients in real time.  What are some approaches to using Twitter in your business setting?


Lead Generation

Write a compelling Tweet that includes a link to white paper, e-book, or video you can offer. Visitors should be directed to a landing page that enables them to opt-in with an email address. You can follow up with your own emails introducing them to additional products, resources, and services.



Write Tweets that promote webinars, training, classes, and other events sponsored by your company. Direct users to a sign-in landing page where you can capture their email and contact information for future use


Follow & Listen

Search your competitors’ Twitter accounts and messages to see what people are saying about them. Use negative postings as competitive intelligence. Be sure to monitor comments, both positive and negative, about your own products and services. React quickly so that their concerns are transformed into a quality customer support encounter. Search for people who use similar products or services as you offer. Follow them and Twitter and consider them potential prospects. Monitor and communicate with them as opportunities arise.


Twitter Visibility

Be sure to display the Twitter logo on your website and encourage people to follow you. Include links to your Twitter page in your business messages.



Online coupons have exploded in recent years. Coupons and contests are excellent ways to keep your name visible and to encourage prospects to stay engaged with your sales cycle.



Twitter has exploded in popularity. Savvy business marketing strategies should include some aspect of Twitter. If you fail to include Twitter you will be missing a large number of potential customers and that is just bad business.






Source: Entrepreneur