4 Unbreakable Web Video Rules

1-Keep it Short (cut video length in half or more)

2-Single Message (more than one message needs more than one video)

3-Use one of the 7 triggers to grab attention (AIDA)

4-High Production Value (leave them with a neutral opinion)

Easiest Thing To Do (NOT)

Creating video should be a relatively easy task, at least the planning stage. As a consumer of Social Media content yourself, you know what you want to see, read and hear. Unfortunately when it comes to telling our own stories, we are horrible. We are way too close to our own topic to present it with clarity and impact. What can make it more difficult is when our target audience is very different in personality to the person planning the video. We can miss the mark so thoroughly that we in fact can HURT our brand with a video.

Hollywood Trap

Just as dangerous is the production quality trap. The video needs to look professional at the minimum. These days, even a 12 year old with a MAC and iMovie can create something that looks professional. People fully expect to see Hollywood level production from everybody online, no mater how small the business is.


Attention, Interest, Decision, Action. Notice that Attention is first, because without their attention you have nothing. Show them a boring , self-serving sales message and you will capture no one’s attention, but the employees you force to watch it. The Direct Response advertising world has long understand Psychological triggers in advertising. Here is a list of 7 attention grabbing triggers. Power, Passion, Mystique, Prestige, Alarm Rebellion, Trust.    Notice that none of these allows room to tell your boring company story or sales message; unless it also fits into one of these triggers.

One Video – One Message

If you have multiple messages, then you need multiple videos. PERIOD. Do not violate the clarity rule for videos. You might capture their attention, but unless you leave them with a single simple-to-understand


How to Use Online Video to Enhance your Brand