Don’t Get Caught in The SEO Trap

The SEO trap is when you are using techniques and strategies that worked even 6 months ago. Actually SEO stuff that was tried and true a year ago would send you to page 10 or below now. The trap is thinking that nothing ever changes that much and that all the SEO whistle-blowers are worried for no reason.

Real SEO takes time

If you are in a hurry to rank higher, then you will be tempted to try some of the SEO dark arts. You will look for tricks and hacks that will get you there faster. This will result in disaster, remember the lesson of the tortoise and the hare.

Build Your Website For People, Not Google

Don’t get caught without enough quality content in your website. I have watched a client go from position #1 to position #50 in 24 hours due to keyword stuffing. Write for people and you can’t lose. In other words, don’t repeat keyword phrases, just write for maximum readability and clarity. Make sure to use every legal SEO practice in presenting the information, but make sure you have enough information. If your site has less than 30 pages, you are going to lose the fight.

Backlinks Still Work

Press releases, quality content published to quality sites, guest blogging, link baiting with great content, this all still works. However you should back it all up with a healthy dose of Social Media activity driving links and traffic to your site on a daily basis. If you see an ad for purchasing “thousands of backlinks that will get you to the top of Google”, pretend you are Indiana Jones in the first Raiders movie. When they took the lid off the ark, Indy couldn’t even look or he would die.

Traffic Costs Money…Don’t Go Cheap

You can pay someone to manage your ogranic placement, you can pay Google for PPC or you can spend your own time, which has a dollar value, doing this work. There are no other ways around this part of the equation. traffic costs money. It always has and always will. Think about the history of advertising. When an agency created a business future for you by driving real substantial need for your product, they got paid big money. You cannot spend a few hundred dollars and build a business future. This is a fantasy fueled by statements like, “my IT guy said he can do that”. Yes but has your IT guy actually done it for a real client? He your IT guy generated tens of thousands of visits per month for a client. Hiring somebody who can make something like that happen costs money for good reason.




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