Customer service continues to be highly valued in businesses across the world because it can make or break a business. Whether you’re trying to sell a house or life insurance, how the employee interacts with the customer may be more important than the actual product or service itself. Here are some important secrets for salespeople that will help you maximize your success with customers.

1. Be professional and friendly. A customer will be more inclined to make a transaction with your business if they feel comfortable and enjoy talking to the salesperson, so be friendly and professional.


2. Don’t be too friendly or overly attached. Making a relationship with your customer is a good way to keep their attention, but there are certain boundaries that should be respected. If a salesperson is too friendly too soon or if you act like you are already buddies with the customer, he/she will feel uncomfortable.


3. Most customers don’t care about being an expert in your industry. Your business may have incredible research reports, user reviews, and statistics – but they usually don’t care. It may be impressive to people within the industry, but to a customer that kind of information is unnecessary. Keep it simple and straight forward.


4. Don’t give in to last minute demands. If, at the last second, the customer demands a discount on the offer or some other unreasonable demand, don’t suddenly give in. You want to make sure the customer feels like you know what you’re doing and that the transaction is solid and thought through. Giving in to a last second discount will show the customer that you’re about to cheat him/her.


5. Be consistent. Hold yourself to certain financial and business principles. Shifting business ideas during a transaction will make you look incompetent and will discourage the customer from making the transaction.