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Our Forensic SEO Analysis can look back more than 10 years into your SEO past. We can find out what keywords you lost and discover why it happened.

Gradual loss of ranking can happen when you stop doing the correct things one by one over time. It can also happen quickly when you change sites or content suddenly. We can discover what ranking you lost and determine what was the most likely cause.

Find Out What You Lost in Keywords and Traffic Over Many Years

Motiliti is an Austin PPC Adwords Agency

Google ads are big business. The average business spends 11.2% of its revenue on marketing each year. Are you spending your budget in the right places?

That’s where Google ad agencies come in, as they know how best to optimize your ad spending. Their expertise in designing campaigns means they’re best placed to put your businesses front and center.

Chances are that like many small businesses are looking to grow their business by advertising on Facebook or Google. Let’s look at 5 reasons you need to hire an Austin Adwords agency for the best results.

1. Refocus Your Energy on Your Business

Your time is more valuable than anything else.

Why spend all day reading up how to advertise on Google when you could be getting new clients or selling more products? If you’re a savvy business owner or director, you’ll have your own expertise that you’re most productive with. In the case of agencies, getting the most out of your ad campaigns is what they do best.

Managing digital marketing campaigns and facebook ads is time-consuming and requires a lot of attention. If you’re spending your whole day trying to optimize or track, you’re missing out on the bigger picture. Plus, you’ll feel much less stressed and more relaxed, meaning that the quality of your product or service won’t suffer, and your team won’t feel lost.

An agency has the expertise that will allow them to provide the best results for your business. Many small businesses do not have the time, money, or expertise to manage their own advertising campaign.

If you choose to outsource your ad campaign to an agency, you can let them make all the decisions and allow them to handle all the day-to-day tasks. That way, you won’t worry about the extra paperwork.

2. Reach More Visitors

A Google Ads agency can help you by creating your ads and choosing the right keywords so that they will trigger only for the audience you want to reach. With this, they will have a greater chance of targeting the right customers. In turn, this increases your chances of gaining their business.

There are millions of businesses on Google already, including yours. But there are billions of potential customers out there that you can’t reach with your current budget and advertising strategy.

A Google Ads manager can do wonders to help you grow your business. In particular, when it comes to reaching more customers for less money. They can tweak your ads with the right keywords and topics.

Increasing the traffic visiting your website is a more common strategy for newer businesses or product launches. That’s because the initial exposure is the most important step. After all, you can’t convert visitors into leads that don’t exist in the first place!

3. Increase Your Conversion Rates

Of course, getting visitors to your website is vital, but the next step is converting them into sales. By creating a captivating advert that creates a strong first impression, the chances of turning that visitor into a sale or lead are high.

It’s these details that will seal the deal for your customer. That’s why hiring a Google Ads agency to create your ads, track your stats and manage all aspects of your Google advertising is so important. They can also do A/B testing, which involves trialing a couple of different scenarios to see which is the best answer for your business.

Suppose you don’t have a Google ads specialist on board. In that case, you’ll miss out on any chance of optimizing your campaign for increased performance.

4. Reduce Your Marketing Budget

It sounds like a strange paradox. But a good ads agency can reduce your ad budget by making sure you’re targeting the right keywords. This increases your chances of converting more customers.

The right Google ads agency pricing will work with your budget, not against it. The majority charge a percentage of your budget. That way, the amount you’ll pay correlates to the size of your business, making it an affordable solution for everyone, no matter your position.

Social Media is essential to any advertising campaign these days. If you’re a small business, it can be even more difficult to juggle the different platforms. But when you hire a Google Ads agency, they’ll help manage these campaigns and track and report on their success.

5. Increase Your Brand Reputation

High-quality advertising strategies result in an increase in brand reputation and perceived quality. This means your products and services become higher value by more engaging advertisements. Your professionalism and reputation will increase amongst your peers.

The best Google ads agencies excel in recognizing issues with branding. They might even reveal how you can tweak your existing brand strategy to integrate more with your paid ad campaigns.

Also, don’t forget to check for Google Ads certification. Google is fantastic at offering training courses and official certificates for their products. You’ll know you’re working with an agency that’s qualified in ad marketing.

Hire a Google Ads Agency Today

Armed with this knowledge, you can move forward knowing everyone’s a winner. After all, you want to invest in your marketing campaign and make sure your business is successful.

In no time, you’ll have more visitors and a higher conversion rate, plus more professional branding and increased awareness. And, there’s potential to spend less money at the same time!

And the best thing about the internet is that there’s a Google Ads agency for everyone. Get your free analysis today from us at Austin SEO Company and let us put your business in prime position, right underneath the search bar!