You have 3 key areas wherein you can evaluate your potential new employee; the resume’ , the interview and the final selection “test”. Know what to look for to zero in on the cream of the crop!


The Resume’ is your chance to see what writing skills they possess and what levels of experience and knowledge they convey in just a few words. Watch for these important traits in their writing and experience.


1. Creative Storytelling

Most grads have some internships and summer jobs listed. If they can communicate a creative through-line of how and why they made their choices aside from just listing them, it’s a good sign.

2. Discretion

Less can be more, if the list of skills and experiences isn’t huge but is presented in a way to show real learning and an ability to promote themselves in a compelling way, that discretion can indicate a better candidate than one who has a long list of meaningless titles and actions.

3. Resourcefulness

Again, most grads have had summer jobs to further their experience. Look for those who went farther afield for opportunity. Grads who traveled to foreign places for experience show their ability to adapt to new environments and therefore easy to transition into the working world.

The interview shows you presentation and how well they think on their feet. Watch for:

4. Empathy

Great employees with real potential are asking themselves what they can do for the company – knowing that they too will benefit if the company does.

5. Curiosity

Watch for those who do their own research on your company and its workings, before the interview.

6. Pragmatism

They should have realistic expectations of their pay and work hours and know the best jobs are worth working for.


Final Selection tests are common these days, where the employee is given a low-paying project to start with as a trial period. It benefits both you and the employee to see if the fit is right. These traits indicate a winner:

7. Leadership

See if they can rally people and garner respect from the first day.

8. Teachable Spirit

Those with enough self-confidence to be open learners will openly recognize and accept their ignorance of what they have yet to learn. They should be able to accept and learn with minimal drama.

9. Accountability

Can they step up, take on tasks and be accountable without micromanagement? Let them sink or swim a little so you can see what they are made of – swimmers are winners.




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