READ THIS before putting video in your site.

The number one concern about using a video spokesperson is the “annoyance factor”. Here’s my advice to business owners losing sleep over the worry about annoying people on the internet. Immediately dismantle your website and stop all further advertising of any kind. I’m sure that your ads are annoying somebody somewhere and this way you can be sure never to annoy anybody again. Now you can get some sleep.

Don’t Let The Inmates Run The Asylum

Business owners are so sensitive to every comment and reaction to their website. They want to let all feedback guide their online strategy, and yet in their Brick and Mortar business they wouldn’t change everything on the comments of just a few. If sales were up, then in fact they would be very resistent to listen to anybody about making changes. Clients with auto-playing video have seen huge sales increases from their website and still cave under the pressure form friends, family, office staff and a few visitor complaints to get rid of the “annoying videos” that nobody likes these days.


Want To Succeed? Annoy Somebody.

Go to a Labor Day Sale at a furniture store. The crowds would be there because they see a TV commercial. Ask them if they feel that TV commercials are annoying most of the time and 100% of them will likely answer an emphatic YES. Would it be wise to stop TV ads because your customers find them annoying? Since when was being “not annoying” the requirement for successful advertising. In the words of  my favorite annoying advertising guru, Roy Williams, “if your ad doesn’t offend SOMEBODY, it’s because you’re not saying anything.” When people start complaining, it is a good sign because it means they finally noticed you. If your goal is to let people anonymously slip in and out of your website, gathering information and moving on to other sites, then you will certainly get a humanitarian award someday for freely sharing information in a non-annoying way, but you will probably never gather more than a handful of leads or sales from your website.


Results Mean Everything, Ignore Opinions

I oversee a website that converts 30 out of every 100 visitors into an email lead with phone number, mailing address, programs of interest and custom comments. Some of those leads even complain that they had to share their info to get pricing, but I still get the lead.