It’s All About Grabbing Attention

Rich Snippets can greatly enhance your Google search listing, increasing your click through and site traffic. These can range from the rather new Google Authorship feature to displaying star ratings about your content or products. The expanded listing has been clearly shown to differentiate your listing over competitors, so is clearly worth pursuing.


The Small Things Win

In the “noisy” environment of the search engine results page (SERP), anything that can bring your listing to the over-taxed attention of people searching, is not only worth doing, it MUST be done. The SERP is a relatively level playing field but Google has allowed the savvy marketer to cheat in some big ways and steal attention and traffic. Marketing victory has always been about the small things. This is counter to what most business owners consider to be their weakness (small things). Consider the common practice of building competing stores within blocks of each other. The stores know that they can both bring the local population to their general area to purchase and then they have to just out-do each other in several small ways to grab the public attention. Maybe one store has a Starbucks inside, or a café, or wider aisles. Whatever the case they are both doing the “big things” just about the same (product, advertising, parking lots, carts, etc), but it’s the little things that will result in the final decision to choose one or the other.


It’s Easy To Cheat

Google has created a few simple ways to cheat the system with rich snippets an structured data in your listing. Check with Google webmaster and start putting that automatic Google+ account they forced on you to good use. You will be shocked at how fast and dramatic the results can be.



The Value OF Rich Snippets