Your company has invested in developing a website, but how do you ensure its discovery by potential clients? You want search engines to find your site and place it high in the list of results when persons search for the type of services or products you offer. This search engine optimization is a critical component of your website strategy and “backlinks” are an important consideration within this strategy.

Backlinks, also known as incoming or inbound links, are links to a website. Years ago, inbound links were a means of web navigation, pointing the way to other important web resources. These days, backlinks are an indication of the popularity, relevance, and importance of a specific website. Getting good backlinks to your website is very important if you want to get high rankings.

Good backlinks are those links that are helpful to the user. If you are soliciting backlinks from another website, be sure to outline why your site is beneficial to users of that site. Clarity of value is important. Random links to your site from unrelated locales are not valuable.

Optimizing your website and getting good backlinks from related websites takes careful planning and execution. However, getting more interested visitors and potential clients to your site means better exposure and more sales. These results are worth the effort and are essential for your continued business success.



Source: Free SEO News