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Why You Need SEO and How To Pick an Expert

Whether your website is established with a long history on the internet or brand new out of the box, you need to understand SEO in order to be found by the audience you hope to reach.   The vast majority of all online experiences begin with a search and the...

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7 Deadly Sins of SEO and Online Marketing

Don’t Let The SEO Trap Catch You The SEO trap happens when you are using techniques and strategies that worked even a year ago. The Seo stuff that was tried and true a few years ago would send you to page ten or worse now. The trap is thinking that things never change...

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Building Citations for Local SEO

  What is an SEO Citation? A citation is a mention or listing of your business's name, address and phone number otherwise known as your NAP. Google uses these references to your business, just like a backlink when evaluating the authority of your company’s online...

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PPC Vs SEO (Fast Vs Slow)

In today’s world, the search engine is a powerful force. In fact, a study by Jupiter Research found that 81% of people find the websites they are looking for through a search engine, rather than directly going to a website’s URL. And for companies and businesses, this...

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Magic 8-Ball Answers – Is SEO Dead?

This is pretty simple. We only have to look into SEO's past to predict its future. Years ago, even getting backlinks required a knowledgeable web person. Before WYSIWYG editors, you had to at least know how to code the HTML for a HREF. If you draw a line from that...

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  Search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) They almost sound the same, three letter and all, both begin with "s".  Many people go as far as using the terms interchangeably- but these two ideas actually have some key differences between...

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Taking Advantage of YouTube Pre-Roll Ads

Pre-roll ads, or in-stream advertising, are a method of advertising through Google AdWords. If you’ve ever watched a video on YouTube, you’ve probably seen the ads before. They pop up before your video and play for five seconds before you can skip them. Pre-roll ads...

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Why You Need Video Content in 2016

A company in 2016 that doesn’t create video content is severely behind the times. That’s a fact that’s starting to solidify as the world of marketing moves forward, and those who don’t participate in publishing videos fall behind. According to a recent survey by...

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Web Design Trends in 2016

The world of web design and digital marketing is always changing, and over the span of a year, interesting new trends and patterns can develop in how websites present themselves. This has been especially prevalent in 2016, as today’s designers, advertisers, and etc....

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