As a company in the ever-growing modern age, how do you gather and produce useful content for your homepage? Brand Journalism is considered to be the way, though there are a multitude of ways to deploy Brand Journalism. Portraying your company in a humanistic, cohesive fashion connects users with your mission and your product. In the day where social media reigns cultural supreme, Brand Journalism is here to speak with everyone. You need to create digital highways that reach the public. How do you get a group of customers to interact and engage with your company? Here are a few quick tips on how to implement Brand Journalism into your homepage.


Invite guest bloggers to write about your company or industry. Content that is relative to your product is vital to transmitting viable knowledge to your customer base. What would be interesting/informative? How can you ensure traffic to pass through the blog? The Mayo Clinic did an interesting thing. They formed a public blog on their website, one comprised of written testimonies from customers who want to share their experience with the Mayo Clinic.

Q & A

Allow for a Q & A on your website. This gets your customers immediately connected with your company, while also allowing you to examine how the customers are thinking about your product. Perhaps even allow the Q & A to be public, as it fosters that community (something like a social network) mindset.

Photos and Videos

There are huge websites dedicated entirely to people’s personal photos. People are interested in each other’s day to day. Companies like IBM have allowed their employees to post photos of their vacations from around the world on IBM’s website. This creates a kind of real-human aspect for IBM and gives rise to some interesting, personal content users and customers can browse.



Source: Social Media Today