Video content, pre-roll ads, and related media are becoming enormously popular in the world of digital marketing. If you haven’t started creating visual content for your company, you need to start as soon as possible. There are countless positive effects this method of advertising can have. However- there are possible negative effects as well, if you’re not careful with how and where you promote your company. Maintaining and keeping a consistent brand is important and will gain you a loyal following. But there are places that your brand could be damaged, if you are not completely thorough.

For one thing, don’t find yourself creating any content that contains anything offensive, controversial, too mature, and etc. This may be common sense to you- your ads should reflect the kind of demographic you want to attract. But in addition to being careful with your content, you also have to watch where your content can appear on the internet. Pre-roll ads, for instance, may play before a video that you don’t want associated with your company. Other visual ads may be on the sides of websites that suddenly contain content inappropriate for your audience. Preventing this kinds of things and being careful with where your content appears will strengthen the safety of your brand.

Analyze every web page that you know of where your content can be found. Go as in-depth as possible, and consider using external services that can do more analysis for you. Work to create guidelines of your brand, by using specific keywords and filtering out others. In addition to these things, consider using real-time content verification, which will determine if a site is safe before placing your ad there. In the end, you’ll want potential customers and viewers to have a positive impression of your company, and not to associate it with anything negative.