Branding your business is a critical component for long-term success. A brand reflects the personality and values of your business. Therefore, spend some time reflecting on what it is you offer that is unique and different. Be truthful, as well. Businesses that brand without considering reality are doomed for failure.

Your brand must reflect your unique nature and be rooted in a reality. If your business is established, do not try to brand ourselves as the new kid on the block. Focus on what your business offers that is real and the brand can flow from that starting point.

Once you have a sense of what makes your business unique, you can work on how to convey that message quickly and effectively. As consumers, we are inundated with slogans, marketing collateral, and brands all day long. The first time someone hears about your brand is the best chance for you to capture their attention. Two key issues to consider include your business name and a business tag line.

Business names can convey quickly what you offer. For example, names like Jamba Juice and Jiffy Lube roll off the tongue easily and let people know what your business is all about. If you do not have a catchy name, then consider a strong tag line. Tag lines can help communicate your services and are often memorable, such as “You’re in good hands with Allstate.”

Finally, after you know your brand and have ways to communicate it via naming and tag lines, consider a logo. A well-designed logo identifies you and your services. You can share it across various media and your logo may actually help define your business. Think, for example, of the golden arches of McDonald’s! Your business deserves to be successful. With thoughtful consideration of branding, you can bring forth that success.


Source: USA Today