With the internet evolving and changing our everyday lives, it’s opened an interesting window for consumers to observe companies. A view that essentially allows people to judge or size up what a company really is.  No longer are businesses things existing abstractly on billboards and mailers. Consumers can surf the internet and explore a vast sea of options and potentials, while actually visiting the company’s homepage, getting a glimpse or understanding of who the company is. A number of variables work together to form a positive website. What we’ll talk about here is company transparency. Consumers have access to more information this present day in age than ever before. This means companies need be more willing to create or express parts of their identity that otherwise go unchecked. Consider the follow methods of making your company’s homepage more transparent, thus more inviting, more believable, and more active.

1) Remember you are catering to real people. These people will be searching your website for the product. You want to be able to personalize your material, instilling poignant and effective stories or histories. What truth about your company is sharable? What’s some information about the staff? You do not want to over-share here, as it could cause some apprehension and distrust. For example, you don’t want to tell customer’s about the time you accidentally set your shoe factory on fire. Oh boy, what a doozy that was. Know what works and listen to your gut.

2) Security. Many consumers are hesitant to purchase because they are afraid their information will be released into the wrong hands. Present customer’s with some kind of authenticity badge, ensuring that the purchase is safe.

3) Testimonials. Having real testimonials on your website is huge. Imagine standing outside of a department store and hearing people say, “I’ll never go back to that store again.” Would you even go into the store? Now imagine people walking out of the store, praising the store. You want positive reviews from real people. This mode of communication can also build a brand loyalty, as a large pool of positive, very enthusiastic reviews is beneficial on several levels.


Source: Social Mouths