Now that we’re in the year 2014, spring cleaning is all digital. It’s time that you bring your web presence back to life with new strategies and fresh ideas. The last thing you want in this day and age is to have an outdated website. You keep your content up to date and you’re able to establish happy, regular customers. Here are some things you can do to get your website spring cleaning accomplished.

1. Revisit Your Strategy

A lot of things have changed since last year. Check out your competition within your industry and look for new trends and who is pushing the envelope. Are you addressing the new ideas with new solutions? Is your website alive with updated content and commentary? Is your design still fresh and up-to-date?

2. Browse Through Your Phone

Browse your website through your phone. If you can easily read and navigate the web page via your smart phone, you’re in good shape. If not, you’ve got a problem. There is a rapid migration of users browsing via a desktop to a mobile platform. If you’re website is not ready for mobile users than you are losing fifty percent of your traffic and leads.

3. Personalize It

Content is becoming more and more directed to an individual users’ specific visit. It’s imperative that you personalize your content based on buyer persona. This means that each visitor has a unique experience on your site. Try shopping at amazon for a week and then recognize how the flow of the page changes. Suddenly, it’s all there for you.

4. Stay Up to Date With Your SEO Strategy

SEO is the ever-changing process of affecting the visibility of our websites. If you are trying to optimize your website through two-year-old SEO tactics, you’re not doing yourself any justice. Without keeping up to date on how the SEO rankings are determined, your page is likely not on google.



Source: Kuno Creative