There’s one simple question that many individuals overlook. In fact, if a salesperson knows the answer to this simple question, they’re much more likely to seal the deal and close the sale. The question is so simple it’s just one word – “Why?”

Knowing “why” a customer would desire a service or product enables you to ascertain their motivations. If you know why a potential client or customer might want or need something, you will always have the advantage when trying to push a product. In general, people make purchases to solve a problem of some kind. Once you determine what problem your audience may have, you can pitch your product in a way that lets them see it as a solution.

Once you know the “why” in the equation, not only will your sale go more smoothly, it will come about more quickly and potentially be more profitable. Tapping into your clients’ or customers’ motivations for making a purchase is the key to closing a sale.

There will be occasions where your customer is unclear about what their motivation is for purchasing a product. If this iis the case, it’s your job to help them realize why they’d benefit from making a purchase. You can get a relatively quick result by asking the client or customer things like, “Why are you interested in this product?”, “Why is this important to you or your business?”, and “Why would you benefit from this investment?”. Getting to the bottom of just “why” someone needs something, and more specifically what problem it solves should be the primary goal of the salesperson. Once this is achieved, a sale will be much easier to achieve.