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Competitor Report

FREE Competitor Intelligence Report

Learn About Your Competitors:


  • What They Spend Each Month
  • Top Keywords That They Buy
  • How They Rank In Search
  • Has Their Spending Changed

Competitive Intelligence Is Critical

Don’t reinvent the wheel. With our competitive intelligence report you let others spend the money — to find out your next successful strategy.

How Much Are They Spending?

If you know how much and for how long your competitors have spent money on Google ads, it can tell you if this has a good ROI. 

What Main Keywords Are They Targeting?

Not all keywords are equal. Your competitors could give you the “keys to the kingdom”. They might have already figured out what works and doesn’t and a competitive report could give you critical info.

What SEO Keywords Do They Rank For?

We can find out if your competitors are actually our-performing you or not in the Google search engine.

Advertising Changes Over Time

This is some of the most powerful information. Have they spent more over time or are they cutting their budget each month. This might indicate the ROI for digital advertising in your space.