When customers come to your web site, the goal is to gain a customer. When this doesn’t happen consistently, it’s time to reconsider your conversion optimization strategies. You want to create a favorable experience that increases the chances of that visitor transforming into a customer. Hard work is required, but the efforts at improving your conversion optimization pay off in business growth. Here are some approaches to optimization that create opportunities for quick wins.

Be Concise

You know you must have an effective verbal and written pitch. Review the conversion pages on your site and honestly ask if your average potential customer can scan and understand your copy in a minute. No matter what your answer, the goal is simple: cut, cut, cut all the extraneous, unnecessary fluff from your conversion pages. Be concise and strong.

Improve Forms

Many websites require potential customers to fill out lengthy forms. Each extra field is a chance for the potential customer to walk away. Consider what you need from them right now and make sure those fields are present: nothing more, nothing less.

Make Copy Customer-Focused

Review the text copy on your website. Be sure that the focus is on the “you” of the customer, not the “you” of your company. You want the pages to tailor to the customer’s viewpoint and how the product and service you offer benefits the prospect.


Like you and your business, your prospects are busy. They do not have extra time available to read about your hobbies or fill out long forms. Make their experience on your website inviting and your reward is an increase in prospects converting to customers.


Source: Top Rank Online Marketing