Writing impressive copy is just as much a skill as an art. And capturing your audience in those first few words can make the difference between sending them into a coma induced yawn of ho-hum, or the reader hitting the share button to pass along your literary brilliance across the globe.

When considering persuasive copywriting in your online marketing, following time-tested story formats will not only entice the reader to continue reading on, but also bring them back for more.

  • A good story is personal. This method of writing places the context of your story with something others can relate to by including an event you experienced in life that relates to the subject. Readers want to identify with your words and by including a lead-in such as ‘When I was 16, my first car was a real clunker…’ helps give your content validity by demonstrating actual knowledge of the subject through life experience. It also has that personal touch that everyone enjoys reading through identification.
  • History is always repeated. Including some historical parallels give your content credibility. This is not just facts and figures, but we can all agree that having a referenced resource will legitimize your content. Let’s face it, everything that could ever have been written has already been written, somewhere, at some time. But your content has your voice, and drawing a reference to the past is your foundation for correctness.
  • Call upon the experts. Your reader doesn’t need to take your word for it; you can rely on the pros. Having a specialist offer solutions, your solutions, in the story provides a guarantee of credibility. By consulting with the wise sage for answers to questions, your product or content can become the solutions aligning with those challenges. Be transparent and completely honest about what you offer as a solution, and the expert will only add as a persuasive argument to using your product and advice as the right answer.

Use these three story techniques to sell your content, and your product sales will have a happy ending every year.