It may be that leaving your business, whether to go on vacation or to simply take a little break, is a very scary prospect. Maybe things collapse without you there, do not run as efficiently or at all. If this is the case than you may want to consider evaluating how you run your business. You cannot carry the entire load on your back. Systematizing your business can allow your employees to function more directly and more efficiently without your help. If everyone has a clear understanding of what it is they do the company will thrive accordingly. Odds are you are not a business systematizing prodigy. Maybe nobody is. There are books that can and will help you.

Get Your Business to Work! 7 Steps to Earning More, Working Less and Living the Life You Want by George Hadley shares his own business experiences with a blue print of seven different lessons that help optimize and systematize your business. Hadley turned a $2,000 company into a $50 million dollar company in seven years time. The facts speak for themselves. Covering a wide array of techniques, Hadley goes into detailed hiring strategies and the importance of leadership and marketing.

Built to Sell: Creating a Business That Can Thrive Without You by John Warillow also deals with systematizing businesses and how many people fail as entrepreneurs. The goal here is how to make your business run on autopilot. Warillow offers up a framework plan necessary to systematize your business.

 There are a lot of books out there on organizing your business so that you may maximize efficiency take the load off of your shoulders. With a fluid system and a functional mechanical process you can sit back and watch your company operate on its own. Reading books by authors who have successfully implemented these systems, or maybe have a professional outlook in that field, greatly increases your chances at improving your own business and thus, making your life a lot easier.


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Image: mconnors