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Meet Your Presenter

You will never meet a digital marketer with a more unique background than Dr. Joe Schaefer. He is a master strategist and problem solver in the realm of digital marketing and web-based sales models. He consults and guides business owners to create breakthrough sales machines. Dr. Joe is actually a published neuroscience researcher with a Ph.D. from the University of Texas. He was awarded young researcher of the year in his particular field of the neural basis of gender-based behaviors. He is also known to thousands of Kung Fu and Tai Chi students nationwide as Master Joe, an 8th-degree black belt master instructor with 37 years of experience.

Dr. Joe has personally worked with over 500 business owners in the digital marketing realm in his marketing agency and generated over 500,000 leads for business owners. He has consulted in search engine marketing since 2002 and founded the Motiliti agency in 2008. He brings marketing, science, strategy, and success coaching together into a step-by-step process. He educates and inspires those he works with to understand what differentiates them in the marketplace and what assets they have under-leveraged.