By the time you read this sentence, there will be approximately 30,000+ Instagram photos uploaded, 150,000 Tumblr posts, and more than one million Tweets. And yours is just one drop of content in the sea of online media. This begs the question: after you’ve posted it, will anyone ever even see it?

Here are a few tips to help you improve your chances of content discovery:

  1. If it’s shared they will come. Make your content to maximize its chances to get shared elsewhere. Trends and current issues have the best chance to make the ‘like’ button, especially a hot topic in the moment.
  2. Follow the editorial map. Magazines and other publications list their content calendars for the following year. Mapping out your posts to coincide with popular publications’ calendars have a better chance of being discovered when relevant content hits the newsstand.
  3. Tis’ the season for events, and your content. Large, highly publicized events, such as the Super Bowl, are content feeding frenzies. Take advantage by including your relevant message to be consumed.
  4. Send it to the media moguls. If there is someone famous or important discussing the topic, it never hurts to send your content their way. It may not make it to their desk, but if it does, look out!
  5. Time vs. Effort. It can take as much as 4 months for a press release to make the full rounds. Don’t spend the same amount of time on the same content. Let it marinate and keep cooking up more content. Give it some time to bake while you increase the feast of your words to be consumed later.
  6. Make the call to action first. Any links or message that is important for your reader needs to be near the top of the page, not the bottom. If they follow the link without finishing the content, you’ve already won.


Source: Top Rank Blog