The Golden Rule Of Conversion

Treat website visitors like you would like to be treated in a website.

As business owners online we are too close to our story and product to think clearly about our own website design.


  1. FOCUS –  What’s the focus of my page, what I want to say, or what they want to know or learn?
  2. THE RABBIT HOLE –  Is there an obvious next deeper step they can take. How far down the rabbit hole can they dig?
  3. USEFUL – Does my content display my cleverness or offer seriously useful information to visitors?
  4. FACTS – Does my content have lots of my opinion or actual facts?
  5. PUSH or PULL – We all want to lock people in our sites. Are you doing this by manipulating visitors or enticing them with better than average content? Are they being “pushed” or “pulled”?
  6. TOP 5 – If your visitor went to your website and 9 of your competitors’ websites, would they still think you are at least in the top 5?
  7. WIN-WIN – Have you aligned YOUR goal for their visit with THEIR most likely goal (contact you and become a lead  (for you) for example while getting some valuable information(for them))?
  8. 4 PERSONAS – Have you appealed to all possible personas on the home page? (spontaneous, competitive, humanistic, analytic)
If this list left you feeling unsure, insecure, anxious, unprepared, out of touch, or just plain lost, then it is time to take off your owner glasses and look at your website with your visitor’s eyes. They are certainly not looking at your site with your eyes.

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