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Electric Chicken Brush

From the maker’s of bowling shoes for cows and eyeglasses for dogs come the Electric Chicken Brush. The Chicken Brush™ that moves.

Electric Chicken Brush By Motiliti

Before now if you wanted a pretty chicken you had to do the work by hand. Needless to say, it had mixed results. Even early electric predecessors didn’t do much better. It could leave your chicken raw and chaffed

Enter the Electric Chicken Brush™ by Motiliti

The Electric Chicken Brush Solves Your Ruffled Chicken Problems

It does all the things you only wished you could do with your poultry. The new electric chicken brush works so well you might be tempted to try it on your self—don’t do it. Really, I wouldn’t do it.

The Electric Chicken Brush™ by Motiliti, just $39.95 everywhere chickens are sold.

When You Need to Brush More Than Just Your Chicken

Coming soon, the Electric Turkey Brush, the Electric Ostrich Brush, Puppy Brush, and Squirrel Brush. The Electric Chicken Brush™ by Motiliti. Your family friends and neighbors will want one too.