With so many irrelevant messages arriving in our email inboxes each day, marketers face huge challenges in getting their messages read and acted upon. In today’s media saturated environment, email marketers need to focus on a content-first strategy. The ability to deliver meaningful and useful content to a user at the right time is more than luck. Here are some strategies to consider:

1. Co-Creation – Personalize the timing and the type of content users’ receive by learning their preferences. Users who have invested time in outlining their needs to you are more likely to open and act upon an email sent by you.

2. Be Mobile – As more and more users manage their email via a mobile device, it is imperative that marketers tailor their content to be mobile-compliant. This can be as simple as ensuring message subject lines are strong and engaging; also make sure you have a recognizable sender name so users do not ignore your message. The messages you send can now be read instantly, no matter where a user is and you want to make sure they do not simply glance over your email; you want to draw them in on any device.

3. Dynamic Content – The content of the email needs to be relevant and dynamic, thereby engaging users across multiple data formats. However, as the ability to integrate across channels amplifies, it is also essential to ensure the integration is seamless and stays on message. Content and message must be aligned.

Email remains a powerful tool in today’s business environment. Successful email marketing requires creating messages that engage the user, contain content that is relevant and, as necessary, multi-channel, and can be accessed from the diversity of devices users employ in their digital communications.