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Motiliti Marketing Minute

Episode One: Is SEO Dead?

I’m Dr. Joe Schaefer, the president, co-founder and director of digital media at here at Motiliti. In 2016 we are entering our 8th year in business. There have been massive changes in the online marketing landscape during those 8 years. At this point we have worked with over 500 clients to help get their websites more traffic and covert more traffic to sales.

It is just about impossible for a small business owner or marketing director to keep up with all those changes. Let alone tell the difference between the overly-hyped and truly effective digital marketing methods.

Once every other week we will publish a video we’re calling the Motiliti Marketing Minute. It will be around a minute in length with just a few slides to look at. My goal is clarify these digital marketing topics and simplify your life. As an informed business owner you can decide if the new media is better than the old media and why in some cases you should stick with the print or radio for certain industries or marketing goals.

A Few Minutes With An Expert

If you are looking for new results, new methods and a path to business growth, then request a a few minutes with Dr. Schaefer. He can quickly tell you the best methods for your industry, the lowest minimums budgets to get results and the best ways to measure success.

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