4 Tips to Becoming an Excellent Leader

The best leaders/managers share a commonality in their character and their work ethic that is easily recognizable. And these traits can be learned and cultivated to create exceptional leaders in the workforce. Here are 4 qualities that exemplify great leaders.

1.      Clarity Rules the Day

When it’s not clear what needs to be done, people fill in the space with their own ideas. This could result in a lot of undirected busy work that doesn’t lead to the accomplishment of a single task. The manager must spend time clarify what needs to be done, resulting in a focused effort toward those goals.

2.      Give That Clarity Meaning

This clarity must then be tied into how this work will be directly connected to the successful completion of a greater goal or task (single tasks relating to a project or company goal). Employees benefit from understanding how the pieces they contribute fit into the greater good of the company.

3.      Understand How Your People Learn and Work

Successful leaders take the time to understand the individual styles of their employees and the value of each. Assigning tasks that play to those values will both increase the quality of work toward those tasks but will also demonstrate to the employee your involvement and appreciation of their skills.

4.      Check In and Stay On Top of Things and Lead from Every Angle

Managing means knowing when a meeting needs to be called, when you need to sit down one-on-one with someone. It means knowing when to be flexible and change the game plan. It requires observation and decisions as to whether the timetable needs to be re-addressed for a feasible project completion. In other words, being involved and abreast of your team. A good manager is in the thick of things, not hiding in his/her office. You notice the best managers getting input from different team members, taking a moment to assist someone struggling with a project problem, calling a quick meeting to apprise, update and motivate the team.