Regardless of the buzz created around your product, the bottom line is sales and this cannot be forgotten, cautions Brian Kalma, Chief Experience Officer with the start-up company GemVara. In this video, he discusses his previous experiences with Zappos and Gilt Groupe  and tells us that it boils down to creating memorable, emotion-based experiences for your clients.

A few key elements to realize when considering  the customer experience are:

  1. What’s going on behind the scenes at your company is visible in your client interactions. The “health” and “style” of those interactions are important.
  2. There are necessary evils in business and how you deal with them (and how they manifest themselves to your customer) is important. This can fall under the way you charge your customers, the way you deal with an error or dissatisfied client, etc…
  3. “Design with standards in mind and you’ll only get standard results.”  To be outstanding – act outstanding and challenge the norm.
  4. He suggests that you look for opportunities in some of  the more  mundane moments of client interactions and make them something more memorable.

Keep in mind individual interests (customization) for unique experience, rather than pushing general inventory on clients. Find inspiration in anything. Tie the client experience that they want to purchase or convey (if it’s another business), in with the item you are selling them.