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Social Media Campaign Increases In-Store Sales By 28%

Our first Social Media marketing campaign has delivered positive results in a very short period of time. Our consumer sales increased 28% and our opportunities with new retail partners increased as doors continue to open up. When you have a great story to tell, you need a great team to allow that story to be heard. Very excited to watch the continued growth of our brands. Great work Motiliti!!!
Brad Komelson, July 2021

Founder, True Earth Paper Company

xMotiliti Used Facebook to Generate Leads With a 100x ROI

Motiliti devised a promotion and lead capture process that turned Facebook audiences into leads in our email inbox. These leads provided complete contact information and were very qualified.

Tom Miller, Owner

Facebook Ads Service Brings Instant Traffic & Results

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Facebook Advertising Could Be Your Secret Weapon

The audience targeting capabilities in Facebook is the real secret to getting high ROI on with your digital marketing dollars and online advertising campaigns. You often reach your business goals of higher conversion rates with a targeted audience at lower cost per lead in Facebook than in any other platform. In Austin Adwords is capturing the interest of people actively searching for products and services, Facebook catches your prospect’s attention in a platform they spend hours a day looking at. Facebook is no longer a platform for young people. In fact, Facebook’s fastest growing demographic segments are the customers in the Boomer generation. Whether you are using search engine marketing or email marketing, social media ads could be the source of the best priced leads available.

Our Facebook Advertising and Landing Pages Accomplished These Results

Web Marketing Optimization Results

“Within 2 weeks of partnering with Motiliti and Dr. Joe, our sales were up 400%. They took a brand new business and brand new website and put us the spotlight on us in a big way. Our inbox was full of leads and our calendar was full of bookings.”

Ben and Corissa Jones

Owners, Mountain Marine, BC

Surpassing All Expectations

“Joe Schaefer and his team at Motiliti have surpassed our expectations. Joe’s knowledge and strategies are synced with the times, and it’s been clear he’s working towards a long-term relationship and not after a quick sale.  Thank you, Joe, it’s such a relief to find someone we can work with from now on.”

Luisa Celis

Owner, True Earth Paper, Victoria

The Most Precise Audience Targeting

Social Media ads  and audience targeting is the most powerful weapon we can use in our advertising and lead capture campaigns.


Empathy Marketing Ads

Marketing agencies that are good at writing ad copy know how to connect with your audience and help them solve the most pressing problems in their life, with your service. Google analytics and other tracking help us refine our campaigns and reach your best potential customers.

Landing Page Science

eur landing pages are optimize along 30 distinct parameters that science has shown influence decision making and website behaviors. WE leverage our own proprietary software that identifies the landing page sections to work on.

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Austin Facebook Ads Agency

The cost per click and high impact location in the news feed captures attention and creates leads very efficiently in many categories of business. Often times at a cost of less than $10 per prospect call or email lead. Let one of our lead conversion experts help you decide if Facebook will be your company’s secret weapon.

Why Advertise on Facebook

austin ppc agency bring new followers to social media accounts

• Does not rely on posting to your Facebook account
• Does not require you even have a Facebook account
• Does not require you have any followers
• Reach very specific target audiences
• Extremely accurate geographic targeting
• Budgets as low as $5 a day are possible
• Will bring new followers to your company’s Facebook and Instagram accounts
• You can send clicks to any landing page you want.

“We get 10-120 leads per month using a combination of Google and Facebook ads. Our cost per lead is only $20-$25 and cwe close 30+ new clients a month from these leads.”

Sheryl S. Austin Tai Chi

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