You may already be aware that having a strong social media presence is essential to your web marketing. It can create interaction and community among your customers that will be ultimately successful for business. But when going about the specifics of social media platforms, you may be looking for some strategies. This is where a lot of companies choose to start retargeting their Facebook advertising.


Facebook is a major platform that you should probably begin with when it comes to social media, and there are many ways to specifically reach out to your customers. Using their custom audience options, you can target your ads directly to them, and have a higher conversion rate because of it. This works by seeking out specific groups of people and targeting your content to them. There are a few different types of customers you’ll want to appeal to and customize your ads for.

Which Customers to Target

Firstly, you’ll want to target ads to people who are already your Facebook fans. Selling to existing customers can be a lot simpler than gaining new ones, and this way you can advertise new products or promotions to those who are already interested. You can also direct content to people who found you through your website and email. Those who visit a specific landing page on your website, or those who join your email subscriptions, can be specifically targeted in a Facebook ad.


How Facebook retargeting works may sound complicated, but the platform makes it very simple when creating and customizing ads. For instance, to target current fans of your business, you can select that option while creating the ad. For reaching out to website visitors, you will put a tracking tag on several pages, which will place cookies in a visitor’s browser. You can search out specific software companies for this, or you can learn how to do it yourself-but these cookies can be found through social media platforms, and will translate into your Facebook ads. This will increase your visitors’ click-through rates dramatically. Many people will go to your website and then never follow up- to guarantee that your company stays in their mind, custom audience Facebook ads can do a lot.

How to Target Your Demographic

You can also direct ads and content towards Facebook users who are similar to your current customers. These people will have similar characteristics, likes and dislikes to the audience you already have. To do this, you can access your ad manager in Facebook and “create a lookalike audience”. This can be further customized by country, the amount of similarity, and etc. Facebook users who have similar interests to your customers could see your ads and increase your conversions.


Creating a custom audience and retargeting your Facebook ads can be incredibly beneficial to your business. Conversion rates and click-throughs will keep increasing, and more and more social media users will become aware of your company. This is one successful strategy of digital marketing that will be important for your business, especially if you explore everything that Facebook retargeting has to offer. Contact Motiliti today to find out if Facebook retargeting is right for your business.