Blogging is a great way to bring your website more attention and to build online relationships. Plus, by blogging about related content to your own site, you will put yourself higher up on Google searches. So what should you write about to make SEO work best for you? That’s what most businesses are asking, so here are a few ways to get the wheels turning and start generating better blog content.

First thing’s first; don’t only blog about your product or service. It is important to include blogs about your product or service, but you should also write about topics that are off-brand and still relevant.

A great way to start your search for better content is to simply ask your customers what they would like to learn more about. Conduct a short survey of topics relevant to your market, and have your audience directly respond. Share the survey via social media so they interact with your brand in those channels as well as your blog.

You can also turn your blog into a creative way of answering frequently asked questions. Take some of the questions you are regularly asked and answer them with a detailed post.

Use technology to it’s fullest. Set up Google Alerts for keywords relevant to your industry and they will send you daily emails with content that matches your search criteria.

Give your customers an insight into who you are. There are surely personal interests of yours that some customers can relate to. Share some of your own passions and experiences and tie them back to your industry.

Use any media channels available to you to gather ideas for content. Regularly reading newspapers and magazines for content is great, but also look on social platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn for group discussions and case studies that will be relatable to your audience.


Source: Forge3