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” For When You’re Tired Of Getting The Clicks, But Not The Leads?”

The Latest Software That:

  1. Targets your digital ads to an exact list of hand-picked prospects.
  2. Identifies companies by name when they visit your website.
  3. Gathers every piece of contact info for that company.
  4. Tracks every page they visited telling you precisely what they are interested in.
  5. Collects the key decision-makers, their emails, phones, and even cell phones.

FREE 14-Day Trial. Convert 30-40% of your traffic to actionable leads.

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Will You Waste Money On Digital Ads

From now on you can know and identify the kind of traffic your digital ads attract. You can see the company names, revenue, and size. You will see the pages they visit, how long they visited and the conversion goals they complete. You will get the direct contact info on 30-40% of these business visitors, regardless of whether they filled out a form or phoned.

Seven Reasons To Try Lead Sonar

Digital Agency B2B Lead Generation and Analytics Platform

Because You Get More Leads…

Currently, people visit your website, but you cannot know who they are or their needs. LeadSonar changes that. With our system, previously anonymous visitors via organic traffic, email lists, or paid media become valuable leads for your agency. Our LeadSonar platform will harvest these previously unknown visitors and provide you with the information needed to reach out and communicate with these warm leads. We provide a membership to our monthly service (Free of Charge for LeadSonar Users) that provides detailed contact numbers, Emails, Office Line, Titles, Addresses, And Social Media Profiles.

These opportunities can be instantly pushed into the CRM of your choice or automated into a Google Sheet for On-Demand Ad delivery. 

Warm Leads Instead of Cold Emails

Our system is different because it takes already warm prospects (People who took their time to review your agency) and converts them into viable warm prospects. With our system, your paid media that normally gets you 2 leads will start getting you 10 leads! This technology has been at play for 7-10 years at the enterprise level, but the price kept the small business owner from taking advantage of this amazing new capability. Now you have access for a price that you will not believe.

Digital Agency B2B Lead Generation and Analytics Platform

Digital Marketing agency lead generation and advanced analytics platform

Uncover New Lead Sources & Markets

B2B lead generation can be complicated, but with the right tool, you have more opportunities and advantages. Businesses/agencies need to constantly be evolving and learning new events, publications, associations, etc… One of the amazing values of LeadSonar is that it will uncover those huge opportunities for you. Knowing who is visiting your site – when previously they remained anonymous – will allow you to see different types of companies, associations, influencers, and more. Opening up whole new areas that, prior you simply had never thought of marketing to.

Build the Perfect Custom Avatar

Before LeadSonar, dialing in your perfect customer avatar could take years. With LeadSonar you have access to hidden data and precise contact information that was previously not available. What used to take years and millions of dollars can now be done in months and for a fraction of the cost.   Monitoring the leads hitting your website, combining the visitor history, navigation paths, form submissions, and more to a precise company record removes all of the guesswork of dialing in the ideal customer avatar for your agency.

Agency Sonar - Google Analytics Historical Lead Harvesting

Lead Harvesting On Steroids

Motiliti’s partner and one of LeadSonar’s founders, Lee Goff, has a lead harvesting formula that talks about shifting the focus from the people who are ready to buy now (buy mode – top 8% of people) to the people who might buy from you in the future (tire kickers – 92% of people). The goal and beauty of LeadSonar are it attracts and monitors all types of buyers. You end up capturing more prospects in the “buy mode” of the sales process and building your future pipeline simultaneously. When done correctly, it costs pennies on the dollar to focus on the 92% instead of only focusing on the front 8%. This is the most powerful lead harvesting tool for small to medium businesses on the market.

List Building Product Line

Your agency can download up to 25k remarkably accurate contact records and resell them for 100% profit or use them to target your own niche. The ability to target precise groups of people via media buying platforms can drive huge amounts of leads. This tool allows you to provide on-demand ad delivery to the most common ad platforms (Fb/Instagram/LinkedIn/Google/YouTube).

Once you isolate your precise target audience you can harvest contact information for ad targeting, outbound call targeting, direct mail and email marketing campaigns.

Digital Agency B2B Lead Generation and Analytics Platform

Digital Agency B2B Lead Generation and Analytics Platform

On-Demand Ad Delivery System

Your agency or client can select up to 1000 contacts daily to run ads to. LeadSonar gives you the ability to pick individual audiences or build a massive list to cover an entire industry or area. Real-time sync with Google sheets and then with FB/Instagram, Google/YouTube, and LinkedIn. These lists also work for direct mail campaigns.

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