Creating and maintaining a blog as part of your online sales effort requires work. However, if you can create timely and relevant content, then you will attract more readers. More readers translate to more prospects and potential sales. Therefore, it is essential to create content that attracts readers. Here are five tips to that effect.

Create Compelling Stories

Find the narrative thread in what you are trying to communicate. Use metaphors and analogies to drive the message. Remember, facts tell, but stories sell!

Customers First

Put yourself in your customers’ shoes and empathize with them. Find common ground and avoid a focus on you.


Get your readers involved with your work. Find ways to get them to interact with each other. Provide incentives for specific interactions. People like to contribute and have recognition. Create a community. You can connect your blog with other social media tools such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. With this effective content crowd-sourcing methodology, your blog readership will increase.

Quality Over Quantity

Make your content unique. The competition for readership is intense, so you must provide content that others do not provide. Also, while you do not have to update daily, make sure you have updates that readers come to expect. Use the collective wisdom of your emerging network to generate content ideas.


Make sure the content you create in your blog can be found by those who need it. Work to get your blog content ranked properly in search results and be sure you get the word out on your presence in the blogosphere. Search is an incredibly powerful source for new readers, because your blog content is delivering answers at the moment of needs.


Your strategy for content creation and sharing will necessarily evolve as you learn what works and what doesn’t in your particular market. The process is dynamic, but the rewards are more exposure for your business and, ultimately, better success.



Source: Top Rank Blog