Getting More Retweets

It is certainly one of the main goals in the Twitter universe; getting retweets. There are several key methods for getting the most retweets possible. Most are just following some rules that allow for better communication. However, some are like this one. Make sure to put a meaningful comment in front of your own retweets. This targets your entire audience and the original author’s entire audience by not have the RT first. The meaningful comment part is again just about communication. This makes your audience like you more and retweet you more. Here are 6 others suggestions.


1-Leave Some Space

Make sure to leave room for the RT and comments. The optimum size for the original tweet is 71-100 characters.


2-Comment When You Retweet

If you place a comment before the RT then the RT will be seen by more followers.


3-When to Tweet

The most retweets occur with tweets sent out between 12 and 2 PM and on Fridays.


4-Use Hashtags

Tweets with hashtags related to recent topics have twice the number of retweets.


5-Ask and You Shall Receive

Sounds simple, but if you ask for retweets in your tweet, it has a huge impact.          


6-Don’t talk about yourself…talk about twitter

Tweets that are self-promoting get less retweets. Ones talking about Twitter get the most retweets when compare to ones about Facebook.


Check Out This GREAT Infographic