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Search Engine Optimization, Paid Digital Ads & Conversion Strategy

More Traffic, Leads, and Sales. 

MESSAGE – Every Word, Image and Call-To-Action Is Critical
TRAFFIC – We Leverage Organic Search, Paid Search and Social Media
LEADS – We Have Doubled and Tripled Lead Capture Rates on Hundreds Of Sites

Feeling Lost With Web Marketing?
Everything We Do Is About Getting More Leads and Sales

Our Clients Enjoy A Lead Conversion Rate 3 Times The National Average

Web Marketing Optimization Results

“Within 2 weeks of partnering with Motiliti and Dr. Joe, our sales were up 400%. They took a brand new business and brand new website and put us the spotlight on us in a big way. Our inbox was full of leads and our calendar was full of bookings.”

Ben and Corissa Jones

Owners, Mountain Marine, BC

Surpassing All Expectations

“Joe Schaefer and his team at Motiliti have surpassed our expectations. Joe’s knowledge and strategies are synced with the times, and it’s been clear he’s working towards a long-term relationship and not after a quick sale.  Thank you, Joe, it’s such a relief to find someone we can work with from now on.”

Luisa Celis

Owner, True Earth Paper, Victoria

Bill Sprauer
Bill Sprauer
19:15 02 Sep 21
Motiliti is hands down the best digital marketing company in the business. I have many friends who own businesses and... we all share our experiences with seo services. I actually has a very bad experience with my first set company. You just never really know what you are getting into. Well, I can definitely vouche for this company. I have referred them to others knowing that they will be well taken care of.Thank Motiliti!!!!read more
Brad Kornelson
Brad Kornelson
15:54 12 Jul 21
Our first Social Media marketing campaign has delivered positive results in a very short period of time. Our consumer... sales increased 28% and our opportunities with new retail partners increased as doors continue to open up. When you have a great story to tell, you need a great team to allow that story to be heard. Very excited to watch the continued growth of our brands. Great work Motiliti!!!read more
wendy Byrd
wendy Byrd
22:31 18 Jun 21
All I can say is WOW. We are incredibly happy to have found Joe and his team. They are so professional and devoted to... understanding our business and success. The speed of the results we started seeing is impressive to say the least!!read more
Cheryl Steets
Cheryl Steets
20:01 14 Apr 21
Thanks Motiliti for delivering our new corporate website so quickly and beautifully, and at such a reasonable price.... Your service is excellent, and my team is very happy with the end result. I must also add that your staff was great to work with, very smart, efficient and communicative. I'm already looking forward to our next project together. Easy to give you 5 stars!read more
Tamzin Birch
Tamzin Birch
20:34 24 Feb 21
Joe has been an incredible resource for my marketing team! He delivers concise, informative reports and valuable... more
Dale K
Dale K
01:00 10 Feb 21
Excellent experience working with Motiliti to build and support our website. In a short time we climbed up in SEO so... that we could be found by potential customers. Highly recommend for anyone that needs a new website or increased more
Brent Holliman
Brent Holliman
18:35 08 Feb 21
I have worked with Motiliti for probably close to 20 years now across multiple companies and no matter what work they... end up doing for me, they always do an amazing job with amazing quality at a price that cannot be beat! They are my secret weapon. 😉read more
Corissa Jones
Corissa Jones
15:55 01 Feb 21
Jo and his team have been able to accelerate our business above the competition. They provide a friendly, accommodating... service that has enabled us to become successful and easily recognizable online. They have been an integral part of our business growth and well worth the more
Rosa Aguado
Rosa Aguado
21:39 26 Jan 21
Motiliti is such a great partner to our business. We are so grateful for their marketing expertise. They are insightful... and always look out for their clients. It is a true partnership. We are extremely thankful for them!read more
Ryan Howard
Ryan Howard
18:36 08 Jun 20
Being in business for 20 years, I've tried many other marketing companies. Finding Motiliti SAVED my business! Dr Joe... and his team are amazing. They're professional, personal and GET results. They have taken my business to an all new level! I strongly recommend them and I'm certain you'll be amazed at the results you'll get when choosing Motiliti for your marketing more
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An SEO Agency With A Core Value

We Solve, Not Sell

Web marketing is a complicated process with hundreds of critical moving parts. These parts have to attract your prospect from a flooded marketplace, bring them to your site, instantly communicate your most powerful message, move them to take an action and then nurture those leads to become new clients.

There are too many other digital marketing agencies out there that just want to sell you something, regardless of whether it will work for you. In fact, most of these digital marketing products are not going to work for your business or budget. You need a marketing partner that will use the right tool for the job. You need someone who wants to solve your problem — not sell you something.

This is why at Motiliti our core value is to SOLVE, NOT SELL. Our team members work on a principle of “see a problem, fix a problem” and “NEVER sell a client a solution that you don’t think will get them the absolute best results at the best ROI.” This is why our average client has been with us multiple years. They trust us to put their ROI as our highest priority.


Here Is What “Solve, Not Sell” Looks Like

Dr. Joe Schaefer at Motiliti is a refreshing mix of marketer and entrepreneur and clearly has our interests at heart. All too often, when you are dealing with marketing teams, they want to sell a fairly expensive front-end loaded package without really proving their methodologies. Joe does none of that. Instead, he brings a self-assured belief in the value of his services to the discussion and a clear commitment to letting success prove the method.
We have had two meetings with him to discuss our project. Joe has forwarded us a proposal and we are both very positive about signing it and moving forward.
Bruce Read, April 2021

President, Orange CRM

Compare Your Website To Two Of Your Main Competitors

Our Basic SEO and Digital Services

Search Engine Optimization

Managed SEO and Content Marketing to optimize your website for your most valuable search keywords and improve brand visibility. 

Local SEO

Make sure ideal new customers looking for your services in your local area can find your business listing.

Paid Digital Ads

Advertise your services in Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Bing for fast and responsive results.

Lead Capture

Let us build a custom digital solution that captures prospects and turns them into qualified leads and sales. 

A Digital Marketing Agency You Can Trust

There are many digital marketers out there ready to sell you any and everything. The truth is there are only a few digital marketing tactics you should be considering. The rest sound great but they are NOT effective for a small business or even moderate budget. It is hard to find marketing people who will “shoot straight” and give you the advice you need. At Motiliti we treat your business like OUR business. We respect your budget and limitations and help you grow within that framework. It is like you had a friend with a couple decades of digital marketing experience, someone you could really trust to not just SELL YOU SOMETHING.

I Have Never Experienced Such DEdication and Support

“In my over 40 years of business experience, growing companies valued at hundreds of millions, and as a recognized leader in my profession and industry, I have never before experienced such dedication and support in a marketing agency. Motiliti provided an endless source of breakthrough ideas that reinvented our entire online approach and increased sales by double digits every year.”

Marke Hambley, Founder & CEO
NexGen Hearing with 50 Locations in B.C. Canada.

We are a Google Premier Marketing Agency

Motiliti is a full-service Austin Digital Marketing agency with a 12-year track record achieving measurable breakthrough results for clients across North America. At Motiliti we have worked for over 500 individual clients in the past decade and captured over 500,000 leads to increase their sales.

Business concept growth success process, Close up Businessman hand arranging wood cube with arrow stacking as step stair.

SEO Agency in Austin, TX

Motiliti is an SEO Agency founded in Austin in 2008. We leverage every possible digital marketing service to create a custom web marketing solution. We focus on ROI measured in leads and calls to your online success. With hundreds of digital marketing tactics in the marketplace, there may only be a few that are optimum for your business, message, and industry. Selecting which services to use will make or break your online web marketing results. This is why a custom solution is a smart choice and Motiliti is an Austin SEO & PPC company with a team of smart people working to solve your web marketing challenges.

Business goal and success concept. Businessman drawing flag and mountain on chalkboard.

SEO and PPC for Traffic and Data Science for Conversion

Web marketing success relies on mastering only two elements. A website must have sufficient web traffic the comes from organic traffic (SEO) and pay per click (PPC). Social media might also be part of a website’s traffic strategy depending on the target demographic and industry. Once visitors are in the website, site design and conversion strategy helps turn them into leads, calls and sales. If a website has traffic or conversion alone then there will only be limited success. This is why the Austin PPC agency of Motiliti looks at digital marketing holistically. We address web marketing issues as both traffic and conversion challenges.

How to Rank with Content

What is a Long Tail Keyword?

People mistakenly think the term “long tail” refers to the length of the actual phrase, but this is incorrect. It actually comes from the statistical world and describes the shape of a standard statistical distribution. As you move along the x-axis away from the median of the data the curve drops down to near zero but continues often at a very low value creating a “long tail”. In terms of search keywords, it refers to the search strings that are less often used but still significant enough to generate traffic for your site.

Page Rank Sculpting

There actually are some hidden coding tactics left. There is one that manages the way that a magical property called “page rank” moves through a link from one page to another online. This is named for one of the founders of Google (Larry Page) and is a virtual property of a page determined by what other pages link to that page and what pages link to those pages. Only higher authority pages can lift your page with a backlink. By understanding the page rank principles we can make link structure decisions in a website that can channel and move page rank to the more competitive content to help rank higher in tougher environments.

Achieving Success with SEO

In general SEO success is achieved by adhering strictly to many small “best practice” rules for page setup, link structure, and content writing. It is like lining up several mirrors so that laser light will bounce off of them all to reach the end of the sequence. If all the mirrors are slightly “off” then the laser light doesn’t make the journey.

austin seo company strategies increases website traffic

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