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Did you know that search engine optimization drives 1000% more user traffic than social media marketing? The right SEO agency will guarantee success for your company’s website. However, you must be cautious when looking for an SEO marketing agency, to ensure the right professionals handle your website.

Working with a team of professionals will help you create and implement an effective and strategic marketing plan to drive qualified leads.

An SEO agency is like an extension of your team. There will be constant communication; thus, you should work with an agency you get along with. If they are not a good fit, you may not be comfortable letting the team handle your company’s website.

There are six different factors to consider before settling for the best seo agency. These factors include:

1. The Agency’s Services and Specialization

When looking for a local SEO agency in Austin, you want to make sure they operate from Austin and not a different location. Check their website also to determine whether they specialize in your industry or service line.

When choosing an SEO agency, ask them about the services they offer on top of SEO services. You should ask questions about their area of specialization. This will help you know what to expect when working with that particular company.

Confirm the SEO company’s claims about their services and area of expertise using their certifications and awards.

2. Check the Company’s Reviews and References

Looking at a company’s service history is the best way to predict how they will handle your needs. Before settling for one company, look at what they have done in the past, how they have treated their clients, and their service delivery level. As SEO is a subjective service, customers may be disappointed by the SEO agency.

You can go through reviews on the company’s social media pages and other independent websites. You can also check the company’s Google reviews to find both positive and negative.

Remember to stay away from companies with more negative reviews than positive ones. Such agencies may have a low customer satisfaction rate, meaning their service delivery is impaired or are not keen on meeting their customers’ needs.

Another essential step when looking for the right SEO Company is requesting references. Ask the company to provide a list of websites and businesses they have worked handled in the past. Do some research, make a few calls, and talk to the previous clients and website owners.

Ask previous clients the below questions:

  • How was your experience working with this SEO agency?
  • How was the support staff when you needed assistance?
  • How dedicated was your team, and did they deliver the promised results?
  • What are the areas you think the company should improve on?
  • What do you like about working with this eCommerce SEO agency?

Past and current clients’ first-hand experience can provide you with insight into how the SEO agency operates. This due diligence will help you eliminate the wrong companies and give you peace of mind when hiring a team to handle your business website.

3. Look into the Agency’s Case Studies and Portfolio

Looking at the SEO ‌marketing‌ ‌agency’s past services for their customers will help you estimate their success rate.

What has the company achieved for its past clients? Their case studies and portfolio will give you a feel of their service style and the type of results their clients have received in the past.

This due diligence will also help you understand how they will integrate additional services with SEO. Such services may include web design, social media marketing, and PPC.

Check their website for their portfolio to get access to samples of their previous jobs. If it’s not available, contact the company to send you their portfolio.

4. Look into the Company’s Ethics

Ethics is one of the most important factors to consider when looking for an SEO company to handle your website. Reputable sites such as LinkedIn could help you gather this information. Also, look at the team’s level of ethics and integrity.

Integrity and ethics are essential when choosing a team to handle your website. A team that doesn’t have a grip on the company’s values and spirit may not offer you exemplary service. A team that’s disconnected from the company’s vision may not be keen to meet your needs.

Ensure you settle for a company that mirrors and respects your business values. Whatever your core business values are, the SEO team you work with must be a good fit for your company.

5. Read the Company’s Blog and Check Out Their Social Media Pages

Look through the company’s social media pages and read a few of their blog posts. You can also subscribe to the agency’s email newsletter. Social media often brings out an informal tone of a company; thus, this will give you a feel of the agency’s tone.

Depending on the content they are posting, you can learn about its style, priorities, SEO, and digital marketing knowledge. However, keep in mind that the content may not be specifically written for you. That’s because most SEO agencies’ target audience is other individuals in the marketing and advertising industry.

6. Ask About Their Contracts and Fees

SEO agencies have different structures. While some may charge based on the hours they work, others prefer working with long-term contracts. Before signing any contracts, ensure you ask about their charges and their services for the said fee.

Before settling for one company, shop around and compare different agencies’ prices and offered services. This will help you get the best deal on the market.

However, be careful when considering going for the cheapest option. Their services may not be as good. Ensure you invest in an SEO agency that is more invested in giving you a great experience and attending to all your needs

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