It can be difficult knowing when the right time is to redesign your website; significant change can require quite a bit of effort and requires deep examination. Before considering if you should redesign your website, ask yourself: Are there any problems with the site’s functionality? Do your visitors have complaints? And what are the websites of successful businesses doing that you are not?

These questions are critical to discovering when and if you should rebuild your website. Here are some indicators you will want to consider when making your decision.

Your brand has changed.
If your business’ purpose, products, and/or services have grown over the years, that means your branding should have as well. Your website should reflect what you’re offering – whether you’ve expanded or reduced what you offer, for you never want to mislead your customers.

Your website is outdated and isn’t impressive.
Your website’s aesthetics are key to your business’ success because customers are attracted to websites with quality designs. A website with a modern, simple, and sleek design provides incentive for the user to trust your business, because your business will seem stylish and legitimate. The use of different textures, gradients, and drop shadows are a great way to modernize your website. If your website is lacking in these modern elements, it may be time to redesign.

Your website isn’t responsive and user experience is poor.
As cellphones become increasingly popular in everyday use to browse the internet, website success can rise or fall when it comes to cross-device compatibility. If a business’ website does not work well on a mobile device, they may interpret that as an indication of the business not caring about serving the interests of the customers. Making a website compatible across all devices is nearly impossible, but having zero compatibility can put your business at a large disadvantage.