Social media is a fantastic way to enhance your search engine optimization. It’s a great alternative to hiring a company and you don’t run the risk of becoming “blacklisted”. The following methods should be incorporated into your social strategy as soon as possible.

Visually Attractive Content

It’s important that both written and visual content be equally engaging and relevant. Always use correct grammar and spelling. Visual content can include images and videos. Info graphics and Slide Share presentations are good tools to use as well. The key is using materials that are pertinent to your topic.

Establish and Optimize All of Your Profiles

All of your social media profiles should be consistent and precise. You want people to know exactly what it is that you do. Include crucial information, such as location and telephone number. Avoid using abbreviations when listing your address. This makes you more findable, in the physical sense and online world.

Use Google Plus

Because Google dominates search engines, it’s imperative that you be active on their social media platform. Google Plus allows you to link all of your other online profiles in the settings, while still being able to add a description about what you do. Also, the +1 button acts as a thumbs up. The more +1s you receive, the more relevant Google finds your site to be.

Simple Sharing

The more your content is shared, the more significant search engines will consider your site to be. That’s why it’s paramount that your site be easy to share. Make sure that your site’s share button is visible.

Always Link Back to Your Website

Every post you create should be linked back to your website. A great option is to have boards applicable to different sections of your website. Use link shortener, like This way you will avoid the distracting and extensive URL in the middle of your post, making your content crisp and easy to read.