Press releases are a great way to entice an audience while summarizing major facts. It’s key that these tidbits be eye-catching and straightforward. The following tips will help you to write a successful press release.


  • Use a headline that is straight to the point.

This will eliminate any guess work from the client. A headline that is too wordy is distracting and causes confusion on what exactly the story is about.

  • ‘Do’ vs. ‘Applaud’ press releases.

These are the two different types of press releases. ‘Do’ depicts stories or organizations that did something and showcases their accomplishments. ‘Applaud’ commends other’s achievements. While forming your press release, it’s best to decide which of these descriptions you want to go with.

  • Keep it to one page.

It’s recommended that every press release fit on a single 8 ½ by 11 sheet of paper. Lots of white space is ideal, so write short paragraphs that are a maximum of four lines. The point of this is to allure the client.

  • Focus on you objection.

A favorable press release should be a calculated document with the intention of evoking a call back from a client. Focusing attention on minor details is unnecessary and will cause the client to lose interest.

  • List contacts on top.

Here is a helpful template to follow when writing a press release. Begin with a contact name, phone number, and email address. This makes it much easier for a client to contact you should they have any inquiries.


Practicing these tips will make your press releases more direct. This will create a repertoire among clients who will view you as a person of honesty, organization, and forthrightness.