Big-name companies often make the mistake of aiming for a basic standard of satisfaction. This innocent ideology (as good-intended as it may be) is neither creative nor extraordinary as it results in large call centers that are run by outsourced agents. These agents recite a rehearsed dialogue to assure that this basic standard of satisfaction is met. Obviously, this can lead to customers feeling anything but satisfied. To avoid this yourself, the following tips should be used as a guideline for your company.

Generate memorable customer-service experiences.

In order to do this, you need to even out the levels of power within your company. This can be done by allowing your team members access to off-script solutions, as well as permission to speak openly with customers. This will troubleshoot customer concerns, provide a unique personable encounter between customer and your employers, and give your employers a sense of empowerment over the customer-service experience.

Develop personalization.

Directly engaging customers is a great approach to use, especially if you are running a smaller startup business; however, all businesses should try to incorporate this principle as much as possible. A good method to kick off with is an online support system; one that builds on making customer-service interaction more personable. Something as simple as changing “submit” to “email us” can drastically change the perception of your company and what it stands for.

Utilize customer self-service.

Having a website that implements all-access, as well as maneuverability, is fruitful to customers and cost-saving to your association. Self-service can be easily accomplished by presenting all your company’s information in the voice of your company’s brand and by being as inviting as a customer-service representative would be.