Some people always rise to the top faster than others, no matter what industry you’re in. When it comes to sales, there are several theories as to what makes some salespeople more successful, but integrity always seems to be the defining factor.

Integrity isn’t just honesty, it’s a culmination of all of your personality traits into a consistent whole. According to Ron Willingham, author of Integrity Selling in the 21st Century, there are five interrelated aspects to integrity.

1.Basic values about people and life.
If you’re optimistic, and have an overall positive view of people, the people you are trying to sell to will be naturally drawn to your personality, and will be more likely to trust you. If you’re negative and cynical, the customer will also pick up on those values and be less likely to trust you.

2.Your feelings about the act of selling
By thinking of selling as making someone’s life better, you will be more inclined to approach your sales goals with more enthusiasm and energy. If you think of it as manipulative and providing an unwanted good or service, you will be more likely to sabotage yourself.

3.Assessment of your own sales ability
Stay confident in your skills. By knowing that you can effectively solve customer problems, your confidence will be higher, and you will be more successful in stressful scenarios.

4.Your commitment to taking action
Being committed to going above and beyond to deliver, you will be more aware of timelines and expectations of your customers and you will see more repeat business and positive responses to your work.

5.Believing in the product you sell
If you know subconsciously that the product you sell is superior to that of the competitors, it will naturally reverberate through the rest of your job duties, and make your sales more effective.


Source: INC.