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  • Save Labor On Repetitive Tasks
  • Prevent Follow-Up Failure
  • Keep Clients Longer
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Austin’s Keap/Infusionsoft Experts

We are thrilled to announce that we are teaming up with Keap, a world leader in Sales and Marketing Automation, to help serious entrepreneurs grow their businesses. As a Keap Certified Partner, Motiliti can now provide expert consulting, training, and sales/marketing automation services that, as an example, can make sure you never miss a chance to follow up with new prospects that have taken action on your site.

Keap’s Certified Partner Program provides powerful solutions for small businesses that provide services like these: web development, copywriting, marketing consulting, and many other professional services. Keap’s powerful tools has allowed Keap and its Certified Partners to be dominant forces in the small business success movement.

Keap Recognizes Our Skills

Motiliti has undergone an intensive training program and passed our in-depth qualification standards to become certified,” said Ankur Bhatnagar, VP of Partner Programs at Keap. “We don’t certify just anyone who wants to join our community – Certified Partners meet our exceedingly high standards to ensure our small business customers are working with only the best. Today we congratulate and proudly welcome Motiliti to our thriving community of Keap Certified Partners who are helping more small businesses every day get organized and grow.”

Our clients already get an average of 4 to 5 times the national lead conversion rate and now we can help you to close all those leads.

We Know What Works

When 100 visitors come to your website, statistics tell us that 95 or more will leave your site to research other vendors. They will visit up to 10 competitors doing research without contacting you. Then days to weeks will go by while they think about making this purchase. During this waiting period, it is important that they see your name several more times so that they remember you as the premier vendor.

Motiliti puts you on pages across the Internet and social media thousands of times a month for these people who have visited your website. Soon your brand becomes the ONLY name they can remember when it comes to your service.

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