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Apply this 4 step guide to your website pages to make HUGE overnight changes in conversion rates.

#1 Industry Identification

The page your traffic lands on needs to immediately show an image or headline confirming they are in the right place. If your traffic came in for retirement advice, then there needs to be a picture or headline text on the landing page about the financial world. This all needs to be visible without scrolling down the page.

#2 Category Identification

Next the visitor will need to see evidence of the exact category of what you are selling. If you are selling IRA account helps then you need to clearly state this with text and have a supporting image if possible. With this second step the visitor now understands that you are offering exactly what they need.

#3 Credibility

All visitors look for evidence of credibility. These could be client logos, confident sounding marketing statements, client testimonials or special awards or badges. Research shows that visitors will make decisions about bouncing or not in milliseconds after arriving. These are called peripheral marketing signals and help the visitor make an unconscious decision to stay or go.

#4 Next Steps

You MUST have a goal for your visitors and it must be clearly identified on the home page. The goal you have chosen for your visitors needs to match very closely to the goal they have for themselves. I break this into long term needs and “today” needs. The long terms needs is answered by your industry and category elements. You are either selling what they want or not. Once they realize you have what they want, they now have a new goal which I call a  “today” need. This is the thing they want right now and it is usually something like pricing or other information.

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