Following upheaval in the economy and the job market over the past several years, important changes have resulted that will greatly affect business success in the coming year. The downsizing of more experienced managers and administrators has led to increased start-ups and entrepreneurships. Because of this, hiring an experienced manager for your own company has become increasingly more challenging as you fish from a smaller pond. So what do you do? No problem! Pick talented people on your team and train them to be team leaders.


In previous years, there was “one ring to lead them all” or one person to lead the company to success (or failure). In 2013 we can expect more of a community of leaders-environment to grow a company. So again, choose your talented employees and bring them along. Train them to lead and to think outside the box.


And take it slow. Employees (and humans in general) like to feel that they have nailed a skill and know what is expected of them and what they are doing. Don’t try to cross train them overly much or cram their heads with knowledge in a day. Take things step by step and play to their skill set. As always, one of the best forms of training, is to lead by example.