Quality is the number one driving force behind good sales. While it is possible to sell an inferior product over a short period of time, real sales growth requires a solid product with a foundation built around quality. Quality covers both the end-product and the way that product is created and delivered. Here are five tips to keep quality at the forefront of your efforts.

1. Focus On Metrics

Keep track on quality issues in your company. Make a distinction between those quality issues or mistakes that were identified before they reached the customer and those issues that escaped your operational procedures. The escaped quality issues expose your business’ weaknesses to the client. Make the elimination of these issues a top priority.

2. Process Is Key

We know that our employees are key, but if the process is broken, then no one succeeds. Focus not on the people making mistakes, but on how improved processes help the whole business.

3. Regular Meetings

Hold regular meetings that focus on quality issues and how to improve the things that are not working. Keep the focus again on process, not people. We all make mistakes. The important part is to focus on how to improve.

4. Use Quality Charts

Categorize your quality issues and focus on those that seem the biggest. Break them down until there are only small issues and focus your efforts on those areas with the most frequent quality issues.

5. Be Public

Create an awareness of quality in your workplace. Put your quality results in shared space. Be transparent with your improvement efforts. The daily, visible reminder lets people know your commitment to improvement.



Source: Inc.